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April 8th, 2004

404 @ 10:05 am: update
Here are a couple of the British Union of Fascists flags:

April 7th, 2004

sulla_collina @ 09:20 pm: I was wondering what people thought of Jack Grimes, Presidential Candidate of the United Fascist Union.

I'd have to say that from the speeches on his site he doesn't sound all that bright. His economic proposals, such as reopening coal mines, seem to make very little in the way of sense. And, of course, there's the fact that one is addressed to a flying saucer club...

In any case, the website can be found here.

I suppose there aren't really any decent modern fascist movements at present.

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November 21st, 2003

404 @ 08:45 am: An interesting page to browse
I found this webpage about Mussolini , it looks pretty interesting. As things usually happen, history is written by the victors, so we will never really know the truth about what Mussolini did, I do know that he did help Italy out of the Great Depression and made them a world power, something they had not been for many years.

404 @ 08:18 am: The chicken and the egg theory...
I have sent out various invites to people that I have browsed their journals and have look interesting. A few of them have responded favorably, but have declined joining until the community has started to mature. I can understand this, but if everyone takes this position, then nothing will ever happen, since everyone will be looking at everyone else to make the first move.

November 20th, 2003

404 @ 01:32 pm: Welcome!
I welcome everyone who is interested in socialist and fascist viewpoints to join, but I will not tolerate any destructive or hurtful comments. Lets keep this clean please!

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